Business and Marketing Strategy

Rob has built his career by successfully helping companies cost-effectively grow their revenue. This typically involves redefining who their best customers are, the value of those customers, how they cost-effectively acquire prospects, nurture them and ultimately convert them into customers. This has been done across a range of industries and companies, from publishing to entertainment, financial services, automotive and education, as well as online merchants.

Each engagement has been different and the solution that eventuated has never been exactly the same. Sometimes it is an evolution of what is already in place, whilst on other occasions it has been a complete transformation of the existing process. In ALL cases, this change has been carefully implemented with rigorous testing and processes in place to confirm the outcomes.

Lead Generation

Identifying who are the right customers to be targeting? how much they are worth to the business? and how to get to them? are some of the first steps to be taken in growing your business. Sometimes this is from startup, whilst on others, initial growth my have stagnated and new ideas/approaches are required. Worst still, shifts in market sentiment or disruption can make your old business model obsolete.

Across a multitude of products and services, and utilising various promotional channels and technology, Rob can help you build the top line of your business. More importantly, this process will be “right sized” for your company, ensuring that you don’t compromise your business before the desired outcomes are achieved. Sometimes this might mean a slightly slower, but more affordable, approach to achieving that outcome.

Database Marketing

Building a strong “bucket” of prospects and then carefully nurturing them, to a point where they wish to engage with your product/service offering, is often a highly effective way of building your business sale pipeline. Using the right tools, collecting the right information and then utilising the data in the right way is not simple. Rob has built multiple CRM environments for organisation to enable the successful development of this process.

Marketing Automation

Modern marketing automation platforms can radically change the way you interact with your client and prospects. Enabling those engagements to occur when the client displays certain criteria, and/or based upon actual customer activity and behaviour (at the point at which it occurs) is hugely powerful. There are a range of suppliers of this software in the marketplace, but depending on the size of your organisation and other IT systems already in place, the choice and implementation of the right one, in the right way is not always simple. Making use of an expert in the field, who is platform agnostic is the right way to go.

Lead Conversion

Once you have identified the right prospects and begun your engagement with them, making sure that you convert the highest possible ratio, into the right products/services is not simple. Multiple approaches, working in a coordinated manner, with a re-engagement process for those that are “missed” the first time around needs to be developed. These can be very simple, but more complex approaches, using different resource types can generate much stronger outcomes.

Media Buying

Cost-effectively bringing new prospects into your business is a combination of a whole range of things. Having the right products, identifying the right prospects and then identifying the right promotional channels and cost-effectively buying the access to those media channels is a complex business. Rob has been doing this in multiple markets around the world for over 25 years (and 20 years in Australia).

Product development

It does not always follow that you develop your product first and then identify how to market your product. Sometimes the reverse should be the case. The product(s) needs to be selected based upon your marketing/media access/database. This may sound counter-intuitive, but beyond a start-up situation, where the product/service is almost always the first thing that is developed, the introduction of new products into the mix, should probably be based upon your access to customers, rather than searching for customers for a product.


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